NOTE: this product is no longer under development. We couldn’t find a way to monetize it.

Here are some screenshots of Stardust, our work-in-progress Smalltalk System, based on Squeak.

Stardust Extended OmniBrowser

(click on the image to enlarge it)

This is an extended version of OmniBrowser. The column headers are drop down menus that allow you to select dynamic filtering and sorting/categorization options. They are also accessible via keyboard shortcuts. The blue triangle in the final column header indicates that the column has keyboard focus – typing will turn the column header into a dynamic text filter, which allows you to select from the list in an explicit manner. There are key commands that switch between columns and the main content area.

The lower panel is tabbed – normally OB integrates those alternatives as filters within the list.

The markers on the separator scrollbars allow you to resize columns.

Key operation is integrated with our Commando system that exposes all system commands in a Textmate like invocation/filtering/discovery system, which looks like this:

Stardust Commando

Our first version of Commando was for Cincom VisualWorks Smalltalk, and is described here, which includes a screencast.